Dale Ward Stand-Up Comedy at The Plaza Theater

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This is me performing for "Late Night at The Plaza" on Aug.10, 2016 at the Plaza Theater in Calgary! Once again, I was the only comedian performing in the middle of a drag-queen competition! Always so fun! It just happened to be my one year anniversary of going HARD at stand-up comedy! This was my 160th performance in one year!!! And honestly, I'm going to be hitting it even harder this next year! I've grown and changed these jokes since this recording, but the audience was amazing and the video was so good, I had to post this video! :D
Stand-up comedy has filled so many of my holes... metaphorically speaking.
My depression is almost non-existent and I have never been so happy!
Everything about comedy satisfies my personality! I LOVE writing jokes, practicing them at home/work, laughing at my own jokes/process, and I LOVE getting up there and performing them! What a rush! Making people laugh is the best feeling I've ever had! Just having fun up there and trying to make people laugh and even failing is an incredible experience! The learning process and challenges are insane and amazing!
I love going to shows and laughing all night with new comic friends and watching other comics try new material/fine-tune jokes and old favorites! It's amazing seeing comedians chasing this absurd and unique art form!
And that's the icing on the cake: I have FINALLY found my people. These comedians I've met are the most unique, strange, intelligent, kind, supportive, and obviously hilarious people I've ever come across! And for some reason I FINALLY feel like I fit right in! ...even though I'm none of those things. ...oh and I finally found an acceptable place to be self deprecating which is awesome. haha ;)
There is only one person on stage at a time, but the Calgary comedy community around the stage is an incredible show in itself. I have made some absolutely GOLDEN friendships doing comedy that I wouldn't trade for the world. I wish I would have got into comedy 10 or 15 years ago like I wanted to, but I obviously wasn't ready and I am more than ecstatic and grateful that I'm doing it now.
Super thanks to all the comics I've met and laughed with! You're all amazing and I love ya! Also thanks for the shared advice or putting me on your stage! And thanks to the friends and family who have come out andor supported me! Love all yall!
Photo Credit: Jill Wise with Wise Photography
Thanks to Karlee and all the Late Night at the Plaza peeps who put the show together and let me on! :D

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